Friday, 7 August 2009

Julia Holter

Union Station, Los Angeles, CA

August 7, 2009 10:30-11:30 pm

According to the station site, Union Station is only closed for one minute everyday.

The hour before this minute must be really different than all of the other hours. The performance took place during the first half of that hour. I wasn't there for the minute.

Many people had questions for me while I was at the station, including security, the ventilation system, and a travelling college girl.

People, as they pass, might not notice how long their voices will survive without them in the reverberant lobby.

In a space with so many questions and only one minute of answer, it was nice to perform the activity "Only" sets up: to listen to the voices--dependent and independent of their sources, to think about how to respond, and then to respond, sometimes all at once.

Only - Julia Holter (59:01) Loseless

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