Friday, 21 August 2009

Patrick Farmer

Pwll Penarth, Y Drenewydd, Powys, Wales. 21/08/09. 11am. Large singing crystal bowl, tuned to G.

Left ear to the door. After ending first tone the river distorted. Whilst in the middle of the tone the flow of the river fragmented, separating the process, hearing water in its myriad formations. Upon ending the piece the weir at my back developed two distinct tones, though I cannot remember the difference between the two.

*Writing in an abandoned lorry container whilst listening.
*Positive/negative transcendence.
*Chose this spot to cancel out the noise in my ear, a locale that runs parallel.
*I would not be thinking what I am now thinking about hearing if it was not for hearing, so I am hearing more now that I am writing than if I was not.
*The container acts as a large filter. I realised the score in a very exposed area and if I had chosen to record the sustained tone in the path of the strong winds present that day I would have placed myself in a state of confusion and subsequent disorientation, with the wind distorting inside my right ear.

Time is not quiet, I hear it but I do not know how to hear it, I can't go back to it because I can't remember it. The hiss in my ear is a doppelgänger, and one that varies day by day, according to the enfolding hours. A realisation that it affects me as much as I affect it.

Only - Patrick Farmer (11:05) Loseless Excerpt

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